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Prospect for insurance and retirement benefit plans by a wide range of tunable insights and metrics. Get your competitive edge.


Employer, Broker, and Carrier profiles available to assess competition, analyze the market, and uncover opportunities instantly.


Powerful insights driven by exclusive advanced product level premium statistics, unique competitor analysis, and much more.

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Why Benefeature?

Pristine Data

High-precision data, leveraging industry-leading cleansing, matching, and benefit plan chaining.

Innovative Insights

Timely competitive insights and insurance plan statistics - powered by advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms.

20 years of experience working with group insurance carrier data has put us in a unique position to derive insights that no one else can.

Easy to Use

Quick yet powerful search reveals insights, profiles, and competitive intelligence.

Nation-wide platform with no restrictions on states, filters, or other variables.

Employer Relationship Overview
Employer Relationship Overview

Quicker than ever, evaluate an Employer's benefit relationships with Carriers and Brokers over time while viewing premium and compensation amounts.

Better decisions are based on Benefeature insights

Compare and evaluate benefit and retirement offerings to your competitors. Search for employer prospects with the highest likelihood of closing a sale. Gather market and individual information to help enhance your relationship with a broker or employer.


Search for top prospects based on pricing, plan, relationship length, and many more opportunities. Understand carrier relationships and which affiliations offer the highest returns. Assess competitors and which type of your clients are being targeted.


Understand the benefits that your competitors are offering to their employees. Evaluate your insurance premiums and broker compensation against similar employers. Review your benefit offerings and measure market benchmarks. Analyze competitor insurance and retirement benefit pricing.

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