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Volume pricing from $135 to $175 per user
Access to comprehensive data exports, history, APIs, CRMs, and much more

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Data / Access
Data Cleansing

Industry-leading data cleansing and quality assurance, with multiple public and private source verification

Advanced Matching

Advanced matching algorithms and logic to ensure accurate reporting

Parent Organizations & Affiliations

Broker parent organizations and affiliations intelligently handled

No Location Restrictions

All reported regions, states, and metro areas are available to all users with no limits or restrictions

No Industry Restrictions

All reported industries are available to all users with no limits or restrictions

Quality Assurance

Meticulous quality assurance process completed at each stage of the data processing

Original Filings Available

Original Department of Labor Form 5500 filings available to download for each employer plan reported

Public & Private Data Sources

Multiple public and private data sources used to enhance insights, analytics, and modeling

Address Verification

Verification process in place for accurate location reporting

Provider List

Providers organized and reported on each Employer profile with direct and indirect payments

Contact List

Contacts organized by role and reported on each Employer profile

Data Adjustments

Misreported data is flagged, cleaned, and adjusted as part of the quality assurance process

Incomplete Reporting Handling

Incomplete year reporting is flagged to reduce potentially misleading trends

Highly Efficient Development

Cutting edge and agile platform development to reduce load times

Demo Profiles

Public and complete demo profiles available at the employer, broker, and carrier levels

Trial Platform Access

Trial access available

User Interface
Profiles for Employers, Brokers, Carriers

Information about a carrier or broker's market presence, top competitors, and book of business

Broker Office Reporting

Intelligent handling of Broker offices available for filtering and analysis

Book of Business

Carrier and Broker complete book of business with the proprietary BeneRanking system in place

Search for Employers, Brokers, Carriers

Advanced Employer, Broker, and Carrier search functionality with plan level, demographic, benefits, and financial filters included

Export Search Results

Search result excel export available with the ability to pivot rows and columns

Up to 100 rows
Data Extracts

3 year, 5 year, and complete data extracts available to download in a documented CSV format

Chart Dynamic Summaries

Summaries for each chart explaining the content in context of your business

Plan Level Search Capabilities

Innovative plan level search functionality filterable by carrier, broker, product, and premium

PDF Profile Downloads

Complete PDF downloads with all data and charts included for Employer, Broker, and Carrier profiles

Individual Chart Downloads

Individual chart downloads as PNG files

Profile Level Filters

Employer, Broker, and Carrier profile level filters included with EIN, products, offices, and more

Explore Plans from Search

From the search results page, review benefits plans that match your filtered criteria

Profile Sharing

Ability to share Employer, Broker, and Carrier profiles to unauthorized users via email


Ability to select Employers, Brokers, and Carriers as favorites for quick profile access

Direct Carrier Plan Flagging

Flagging included to differentiate between Brokered and Direct Carrier benefit plans

Relationship Magnitude Trending

Quicly visualize and understand the Broker and Carrier relationship magnitude trends and shifting behavior

Relationship Length Assessment

Assess the amount of time a Carrier or Broker has had a relationship with the selected Employer

Retirement Plan Comparison

Reported Employer retirement plan detail available on each profile

Mobile Interface

Mobile friendly interface available for on-the-go accessibility

Search Result User Sorting

Search query sorting available for customizable results

White Label Profiles

White label exports with your own logo to keep your branding with clients consistent

Analytics / Modeling
Product Premium Modeling

Product specific premium modeling driven by an internally developed proprietary algorithm

Product Participation Modeling

Employee participation rate modeling of products within benefit groups

Strategic Insights

Statistically significant product premium and broker compensation rate insights


Proprietary ranking algorithms measure the importance of relationships in multiple contexts

Competitive Market Presence Evaluation

Assess a Broker's or Carrier's competitive market presence with key statistics

Plan Chaining

Advanced plan chaining logic utilized to track benefit changes over time

Opportunity Generation

Ranked opportunities based on unique behavioral profiles and previously won cases

Related Employers

Related Employers available on profiles which share attributes and benefit designs to the selected Employer

Key Benefit Statistics

Summarize state and industry aggregate benefits and drill down to the top Employers, Brokers, and Carriers by demographic

Direct vs Brokered Comparison

Compare total plan breakdown between Direct Carrier and Brokered benefit plans

Product Premium Statistics

Advanced statistical algorithms utilized to evaluate premium amounts compared to similar plans

Broker Compensation Statistics

Advanced statistical algorithms utilized to evaluate Broker compensation amounts compared to similar plans

Broker Role Identification

Understand each Broker's role on specific plans when multiple are reported

Plan Renewal Estimate

Predicted renewal dates available for each Employer benefit plan

Product Type Modeling

Distinctions between product types available for search and within benefit plan cards (HMO, PPO, ASO)

Benefits Funding Model Assessment

Distinctions made between fully funded and self funded benefit plans

Retention Rate Modeling

Evaluate a Broker or Carrier's retention rate of benefit plans in specific markets

Market Penetration Modeling

Evaluate a Broker or Carrier's market penetration and share in specific market by premium, participants, and plans

Platform Chat

Connect with industry experts instantly to answer any questions you may have

User Knowledge Base

Documentation available for reference on platform data, analytics, modeling, and more

Local Customer Service

Dedicated Customer Service team located in the United States available through chat or email within regular business hours

User Feedback Encouragement

Commitment to user experience with feedback encouraged

Benefeature pricing FAQs

  • Benefeature is an insurance and retirement prospecting platform intended for Carriers, Brokers, and Employers. With Benefeature you will have access to a highly efficient developed platform equipped with industry leading search, profiles, insights, and more.
  • A Basic tier is available which allows access to employer, broker, and carrier demo profiles along with their exports. This tier also allows some expanded search capabilities.
  • Benefeature offers Pro trial access to interested users. Please reach out to for more information.
  • The Benefeature Pro subscription is meant for the smaller team of users that do not need access to complete data extracts. With an Enterprise subscription users will have access to complete exports, search extracts, API access, and more.
  • Yes, volume discounts are available for Pro and Enterprise subscriptions. Contact us for a quote.
  • The Pro subscriptions are billed on a monthly or annual basis with automatic renewal and no contract required. Enterprise subscriptions require a contract that can be annual or multiple years. Contact us to learn more.
  • Yes! Benefeature is accessible from your desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.