Empower Your Sales

Transform data into actionable insights

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In-Depth Market Insights

Access detailed employer benefits and specific plan information.

Understand competitor relationships with brokers and identify potential clients.

Streamlined Prospecting

Quickly search for prospects and view comprehensive profiles.

Analyze benefits history, carrier associations, and broker compensation rates.

Strategic Advantage

Utilize unique insights to uncover new opportunities and build stronger relationships.

Benefit from data and analysis found nowhere else in the market.


User-Friendly Platform

Enjoy an intuitive interface with no restrictions on searching.

Receive ongoing support from our expert team, ensuring you maximize the platform's potential.

Set Your Team Up for Success


Benefeature equips sales teams with the critical data and insights needed to excel in a competitive market. By leveraging detailed analytics on employer benefits and specific plan details, your team can identify high-potential prospects and tailor their approach to meet specific needs.

Your ability to analyze competitor relationships with brokers or carriers allows your sales team to uncover new opportunities and develop targeted strategies to win over clients.

How Sales Teams Benefit from Benefeature


Benefeature's comprehensive data on per-product premium, broker compensation rates, agent contacts, and much more ensures your team has all the necessary information to build compelling proposals and close deals efficiently.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface of Benefeature simplifies the sales process, saving your team time and effort.

With no restrictions on searching and continuous support from our expert team, Benefeature ensures your sales team can navigate the complex landscape of insurance data effortlessly and achieve greater success.